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Irene Vartanoff

Irene Vartanoff

Welcome to my website! If you’re looking for my novels, they each have pages devoted to them, so enjoy checking them out individually.

If you came here because you saw my name in a comic book or a comic book database: Yes, I am the same Irene Vartanoff who had so many fan letters published in DC Comics.

Over 100 letters in about a two-year span. Many people have contacted me through the years to say that they enjoyed my letters. Thank you. I appreciate your interest. I am glad you loved those comic books, too. That was fifty years ago. (Let that sink in for a minute.)

I will get around to posting a complete list of the comic book stories I wrote for DC Comics, and my coloring credits for Marvel Comics. Maybe even a list of the comics in which my letters were published, too.

Elsewhere on this site is a list of the comics I wrote for MyRomanceStory.com. With visuals, of course.

And of course, dont forget my blog, lots of great posts

Please enjoy this site and take a look at my superhero adventure novels while you do. And thanks for stopping by.

Irene Vartanoff