Articles on Writing

You’ll notice that I have posted an article on writing.  I wrote a dozen or so in the last few years. Many have been published in various Romance Writers of America (RWA) newsletters. Now I’m making them available to the rest of the world, albeit polished up a bit. Don’t you just love that word “albeit”? A holdover from a bygone age.

A Blog About Writing. And Other Things

Writers write because we’re attempting to communicate with ourselves and with others. I find that the more I write the clearer my thoughts are about many subjects. So that’s why I keep writing and that’s why I write so much. That, and the magnificent reality that computer keyboards don’t make my fingers ache the way typewriter keyboards used to. Forget about longhand with pen and ink. Technology is wonderful for writers.

In my other two blogs (which I will link to this one once I figure out how), I tend to write essays of around 1,000 words or more, which isn’t the true spirit of blogging. For this blog, I’m going back to my roots and aiming for succinctness. I also plan to experiment a bit with formats: you know, goof around.

The plan for this blog is to talk about writing. Mostly my writing, at first. Maybe always my writing. Depends. I’ll try to categorize as I go, because I also like to talk about clutter, and gardening, and whatnot. Definitely whatnot.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy was a punny nickname editor Julius (Julie) Schwartz gave me because I had some caustic things to say about certain comics. My initials being I and V make my poison pen letters into Poison Ivy.

I’ve been posting regularly for several years on the blog at as Poison Ivy, but I am aware that the world has a few more Poison Ivys in it. Fine with me. But I’m the cool one.