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Irene VartanoffI write stories about women and the men who love them.

Sometimes I get an idea for a romance that centers on one woman and one man. If so, I turn it into a stand-alone, sweet contemporary romance, such as Second Chance Reunion. (Which actually is more like a classic Gothic novel à la Rebecca, but you get the idea.)

If I think up a far more complex situation involving multiple characters, what started out as one book turns into a series of novels that can be read independently of each other, such as the Selkirk Family Ranch contemporary western romance series, which details the romances between Baron and Addie, JD and Paula, and Tess and Rolf over a period of several years and then continues with other extended family members.

Woman and man in close embrace but she looks angryA cowgirl and cowboy embracing with the sun behind them. Cowgirl Rescue, a contemporary western romance by author Irene Vartanoff

Then there are stories I create which have multiple main characters in several age groups, such as Cleaning Her House Summer in the City and A Daughter’s A Daughter. They may be struggling with complicated life situations, personal and family issues, life goals issues, even diseases or griefs—the works, in other words. These I call women’s fiction, and these novels tend to be nearly twice as long as my sweet contemporary romances. I like happy endings, but not all my characters in my women’s fiction tales will be walking off into the sunset with a partner.

You ask: What about heat level? (Code words for: What about the sex?) My sweet contemporary romances are closed door, but my characters are not naive or inexperienced. These heroes and heroines behave credibly for today’s world, each according to their individual personalities. In general, though, I don’t detail (and sometimes I don’t even mention) sex scenes in any of my novels unless there is a story element that makes it absolutely important to show how the characters interact at a crucial moment in their relationship.

I also write superhero adventure novels with a chick lit vibe, the Temporary Superheroine series. Chloe, the heroine of this series, is young, sassy, and apt to get into occasionally sexy situations with various men, but I keep the content of these stories PG because they’re mostly comic book–style adventure, with the focus on roman à clef elements and goofy supervillains.


If you came here because you saw my name in a comic book or a comic book database: Yes, I am the same Irene Vartanoff who had so many fan letters published in DC Comics, over 100 letters in about a two-year span. Many people have contacted me through the years to say that they enjoyed my letters. Thank you. I appreciate your interest. I am glad you loved those comic books, too. That was over fifty years ago. (Let that sink in for a minute.)

I later worked on staff at both Marvel and DC Comics for nearly a decade, in positions ranging from editorial through production and business. Yes, I worked with Stan Lee. Nice fellow.

You’re probably interested in the fan stuff. I may get around to posting a complete list of the comic book stories I wrote for DC Comics and my coloring credits for Marvel Comics. Marie Severin taught me all I know about coloring, which isn’t much, but I did my best. I may even list the DC Comics in which my letters were published. From time to time, I’ll probably post some personal nostalgia items, too.

Right now, I’m very busy writing novels. Old school comics fans should get a kick out of the Temporary Superheroine series. It’s all about the goofiness of that wonderful comic book universe of the past—but in today’s world. Think about that for a bit. Yeah. Crazy fun stuff.

Elsewhere on this site is a list of the comics I wrote for MyRomanceStory.com. With visuals, of course.

And don’t forget my blog, which contains news of my novels, occasional pontifications about romances and romance comics, the items about me, and also lots of great discussions of comic book original art issues. Access it from the Blog tab above.

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Irene Vartanoff

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