Becky Lang Rides Again

I just love Becky, whom we’ve met before in other books in the Selkirk Family Ranch series. Becky is not a Selkirk, though—or is she?

Entrepreneur Nathan Halbert walks into Becky Lang’s café with a tantalizing offer to buy it—and another more personal and tantalizing offer. Despite Becky’s shock at Nathan’s boldness, she is amused and tempted, although she has sworn off meaningless affairs such as Nathan has in mind. This is not her first rodeo.

A former barrel racer, Becky came home to care for her ill mother and now single-handedly runs the café in the dying small town of Stoverly, Wyoming. Becky’s hope for a better future lies in rich rancher Tess Selkirk’s plan to revive the town, but can Tess pull it off?

Nathan loves a challenge, and he sets out to win Becky by making the desert bloom—with a daring project that will amp up the town revival. Becky is excited to help, and Tess is all over it. As they work together to put the town back on the map, the excitement builds and so does the relationship between Becky and Nathan that neither of them can put a name to. Is this a battle, a temporary partnership, or possibly even love? 

A sweet, discreet romance with clean language, Becky Lang Rides Again is available to read for free in Kindle Unlimited.

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