A Daughter’s a Daughter

Announcing my second women’s fiction novel, A Daughter’s a Daughter.

Widowed Pam decides to be daring after losing her dull clerical job in a mass Wall Street layoff: She’ll mobilize a charity to help laid-off workers. But that will thrust her into the public eye, which she’s always hated, unlike her estranged daughter and intimidating mother. Yielding to their insistence on publicity tactics takes Pam totally out of her comfort zone—until she meets Bruce, her mother’s handsome new neighbor at her Long Island beachfront home. Bruce is sympathetic, easy to talk to, and attracted to Pam. He also has a secret agenda involving her mother and a tragic mystery from decades ago.

Pam’s daughter, Linley, is a fiercely ambitious cable financial reporter with an agenda of her own about Jason, the hottie she works with. She fights to keep a lid on her desire, otherwise their passionate attraction could burst into flames in the newsroom and destroy their careers.

Pam’s mother, Dorothy, wonders why Bruce reminds her of someone from the past. In a long life filled with social activism, she has met many people, but there’s something about him…

And there’s a dog, too. (I don’t why, but dogs just seem to show up in my books.)

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