Selkirk Family Ranch Book 1 – Captive of the Cattle Baron

COTCB WEB PROMO medium Captive of the Cattle Baron

Abducted by rancher Baron Selkirk—okay, it was an accident, but now he won’t let her go!—former TV child star turned horse whisperer Addie Jelleff enjoys a respite from the media circus that ruined her quiet retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but she’s due back to town to defend her actor pal at his trial very soon. Baron’s vast, isolated ranch is only one of his many attractions, but he’s awfully domineering and she can’t possibly give in to their growing attraction while she’s virtually his prisoner, can she? Baron sees the situation differently. Forced to drop his geology career and take over the family ranch, he’s frustrated by too many people saying no to him. Isn’t he in charge? Why is Addie so mysterious about her past and her commitments to another man? Why won’t she give in to Baron, when every time they touch, they catch fire? It’s a battle of wills—with neither one backing down. Addie can tame the wildest stallion, but taming her own growing attraction to the high-handed rancher and keeping him from breaking through her defenses requires all her strength—and some help from unexpected sources.

Praise for Captive of the Cattle Baron from the judges of the Touch of Magic Contest:

“Full of life and real people with distinct, believable voices and personalities.”

“Love your voice! This was so easy to read. I love it when the author disappears and the story comes to life. Few are able to carry that off well—you have that talent.”

“Enjoyed the read! You have a great story!”

From the judges of The Write Stuff Contest:

“Addie’s likeable and she’s acting in a believable manner, so good job there.”

“The dialogue is quite natural and compelling. Great job!”

“I loved the premise of the story.”

“Your opening scene was great! I love how it started with your two characters meeting each other in not the best circumstances.”

“I love your characters; both have something they need to redeem in different ways.”

“From your voice, to your characters, and plot you have an amazing story here.”

“Great western feel and classic fish out of water story.”

From the judges of the Emily Contest:

“I think you’re a truly talented writer.”

“I like that you got right into the story, introducing the characters and giving the readers enough back story to pique their curiosity.”

“Great story. Congratulations!”

“It was very clear that Baron and Addie would be an excellent match (beyond their initial physical attraction).”

“Very good! Very intriguing and likeable characters. I would totally go horseback riding with Addie.

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