Crisis at Comicon

If you’ve been waiting for Temporary Superheroine‘s Chloe Cole to have another superpowered adventure, the wait is over. Crisis at Comicon (Temporary Superheroine Book 2) is available now. Here’s Bob McLeod’s original drawing:

Crisis at Comicon rough

And here’s the finished cover:



The finished cover to Crisis at Comicon gives you a small hint at all the action and adventure (and don’t forget the personal drama) superheroine Chloe Cole encounters at the Chicago Comicon. This story is about a mythical comicon in a mythical convention center, in a real city.

Are there el trains? Yes. Is the Bean in it? You bet. What about Wrigley Field? Comiskey all the way. Is Marshall Fields in this story? Well, sorta…

What about the old gang from Temporary Superheroine? Eric, Roland, and Jerry? They’re in this story, too, along with some new characters I think you’ll like. And, of course, a supervillain whose evil plans Chloe must thwart.

The Dimensional Diamond has awesome powers that only Chloe can access. Crisis at Comicon is Book 2 in the Temporary Superheroine series. Like the Superman stories I read years ago, this is not a continued story or a serial. You need not have read Temporary Superheroine to enjoy Crisis at Comicon. And vice versa. If you’d like to pick up a copy of Temporary Superheroine and start the series with the first book, it’s available on Amazon. Superheroines rock.

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