Defiant Diva


If you’ve already read Friendzoned Soprano, Book 2 in Singers in Love, you’ve witnessed Daylia Fedora’s unprofessional behavior and her completely crazy physical attack on Abbie Fisher. So how can Daylia be the heroine of a romance? They say a villain is always the hero of his own story, and in Daylia’s case, it’s totally true. From the outside, she’s impossible. From the inside, she’s a decent person who knows she’s in dire need of help. She’s just incredibly stubborn when it comes to interpreting the signs showing her the way to relief.

It’s a challenge to find the good-hearted core of a person who acts out, but I found Daylia’s. Here is a woman upset by her rages but unable to stop them, who has physical problems she’s in denial about–she keeps refusing to see a doctor, too–and who is repeatedly accosted by her stalker ex-boyfriend, a dangerous and abusive man who won’t stay in her past. Is this the right moment to fall in love? Of course not, and at first Daylia resists involvement with Dex Morgan simply because there is so much else on her mind. But Dex didn’t become a billionaire by accepting rejection. He finds a way to be in Daylia’s life. Their relationship develops with torturous slowness, bringing the romance to the forefront of this tale of demons, stalkers, medical issues, and sheer stubbornness.

Defiant Diva is a stand-alone, closed door, sweet contemporary romance and also Book 3 in the Singers in Love series. Enter the world of opera through the eyes of a woman in love. Check it out at Amazon!

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