Hollywood Superheroine

At long last, the third and probably final Temporary Superheroine novel has released.

Hollywood Superheroine follows Chloe to her new job in California working for movie and television director Jason Dellon, that hot guy Tinseltown wunderkind she met at the Chicago Comicon. Should be wonderful, right? Not so fast. Chloe is torn between two worlds as Diabolical Dave McCay—her father, remember?—demands her presence in his crazy universe at all hours to protect an Oscar-winning actress turned women’s rights activist. Meanwhile, back in our familiar universe, Chloe’s powerful new boss is hitting on her, and she’s feeling really uncomfortable about it and trying to fight him off—and keep her job, too. If that isn’t enough, what seems like a simple bodyguarding task turns complex as new threats are revealed and only Temporary Superheroine can save the day.

You can buy Hollywood Superheroine as an ebook at the online stores shown below. The paperback will be available soon.

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