Life Is Too Short

Kathy, Eileen, and Charlotte are lifelong friends facing the future after cancer, ready to use their second chance and make big changes. Kathy’s husband is a serial cheater. Eileen’s mother keeps telling her she’s not wonderful like her sister. Charlotte still aches from losses of years ago. Can they improve their lives before it’s too late?  

As they take up the challenge of finding hidden treasures at a family beach house in Cape May and back home in the affluent Washington, DC, suburb of Bethesda, Maryland, these best friends discover shocking family secrets as well as new strengths in themselves. Their story entwines with that of Steve, an old friend with his own mystery to solve, and much younger Brian, whose army career has been his whole focus until he faces a life-changing dilemma.

What must each of them give up in order to take the next bold step to happiness? This emotional story of life changes is a heartfelt look into the decisions mature people can make after life throws them a curve, when thoughts of the past inevitably color their vision of the present and their hopes for the future.


Life Is Too Short is the third in the Romantic Mid-Atlantic series of stand-alone novels with shared characters, locales, and connections. They can be read in any order.

  • Cleaning Her House
  • How They Met (And What Happened Next)
  • Life Is Too Short
  • Dance at the Beach (coming soon)

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