Dance at the Beach

And…it’s another story about mature characters dealing with real-life issues but also looking for personal happiness. This one also revisits characters we’ve seen before in the Romantic Mid-Atlantic not-a-series-but-intertwined stand-alone novels.

Aerospace engineer Linda Winthrop loves her post-divorce life. Her kids are grown and her ex is someone else’s problem, so she’s free to live as she chooses, dividing her time between her career at NASA and surfing on the Florida coastline. But when she goes to Cape May, New Jersey, to urge her elderly mother (it’s Aunt Helen from Life Is Too Short!) to move to a safe retirement complex, Linda runs into unexpected opposition. And what might be romance with another surfer.

Dan Decatur, surfer dude matured into a respectable business owner, is tired of the Los Angeles beach scene (Tess Selkirk makes a cameo appearance!), but he never expected a visit to family in Cape May would lead to an argumentative relationship with feisty Linda. And something more. But what? They’re both just visiting Cape May. They live on opposite coasts. How can they be together? Should they be together?

Linda and Dan are both supposedly free, but are they? As surprising new family obligations pop up, they each have to reconsider their priorities and their next steps. Is it possible for them to be happy and also do the right thing?

Warmhearted women’s fiction, clean language, interesting characters, and beach settings. Available at all major ebookstores. Click below for a direct link to your favorite store.

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