Runaway Rancher

Emotional Romance and Cowboy Action

City planner Hector Ruiz-Collier and Iraq war veteran Josie Brown meet while exploring the wildest part of the vast Selkirk ranch in Wyoming. He daringly asks for a kiss, and Josie equally daringly—but for different reasons—kisses him. They cross paths again in the small town that Tess Selkirk, who runs the ranch, has big plans to revive. Hector is a happy guy whose only issue is his brother’s marriage getting messed up, an issue that follows him to the ranch. Josie is still struggling with dark memories of captivity, abuse, and eventual escape in Iraq. While Hector pursues Josie, trouble is brewing with Tess’s husband, who also suffers from PTSD. There comes a moment when a bunch of people have to saddle up and track down a runaway rancher.

Runaway Rancher is Book 5 of the Selkirk Family Ranch series of contemporary western romances. Like all of the books in the series, it can be read as a stand alone. It also wraps up some surprising plot threads from prior novels in the series. A mild romance with closed door sexuality, some mention but no details of rape, and a small amount of violence, this story contains no vulgar or profane language—and has a happy ending.

Like the rest of the Selkirk Family Ranch series, Runaway Rancher is available to read free if you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

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