Selkirk Family Ranch Book 2 – Saving the Soldier


JD’s story is here: Saving the Soldier, Book 2 in the Selkirk Family Ranch series of sweet contemporary romances.

Investment banker Paula Barton harbors a secret love for JD Selkirk, brother of her best friend, but the wounded warrior refuses to leave the VA hospital and get on with his life. Then his brother threatens to sell the family ranch and Paula commits a rash act that puts JD in the middle of the crisis. Her daring tactic leaves her vulnerable to JD’s sudden campaign to charm her, an about-face she knows she shouldn’t trust. But how can she resist the man she loves?

JD wants to be left alone to brood over the haunting memories of the day an IED blew him up and ended his Army career. When Paula forces him to intervene in the ranch crisis, JD angrily decides to get revenge and use his well-honed seduction skills on her. As the cocky player suddenly faces new physical challenges on the ranch, JD realizes he has more to reckon with than a romantic game. Someone could get hurt. Will it be him, or Paula?

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  1. I love this story I am glad Paula fell in Love with JD she was the best for him he show him that night that he was still a man when he try to carry her up the stairs and instead he almost drop her and he almost fell, she made him prove he still was a man. Their relationship was up and down but it
    kept u not leaving the story at all. I read this book in one day as I read the first book all in one day. I can’t quit a good book when the plot is fantastic I can’t wait until your next book with Rolf and Tess at least I
    hope that is who your putting Tess with….I think she be great with Rolf….

    • Thanks, Bonnie. Yes, it’s Rolf and Tess all the way–but they have a bumpy ride of it. Coming soon!

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