Second Chance Reunion Release–At Last!

secondchancereunionsmallerwebuseI’m finally releasing my angsty romance about a film director, an actor, and a film editor—all of whom are haunted by the memory of an actress killed on location in the New Mexico desert. It’s a sweet contemporary (which means no detailed sex scenes), and it’s available in ebook format for pre-order now until release date December 12, and as a paperback edition immediately.

I’ve worked on this story on and off for around twenty years. It’s genuinely a tale that insisted on being told its own way. I’ve always called it Desert Wind, because of the freak wind that killed the Rebecca-like actress. Remember how in the famous book and movie, Rebecca, no one could forget her? This story has some of that. Maybe a lot, actually. Two men whose lives have been totally upended by a beautiful, flawed woman who died tragically. And my heroine as well, who wants desperately to heal the past and begin a bright new future.

To avoid confusion with other deserts and with other kinds of stories that occur in desert surroundings, the official title of this romance now is Second Chance Reunion.

It’s a thrill to finally send this romantic tale out into the world.

Irene Vartanoff

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