Selkirk Family Ranch Book 3 – Cowgirl Rescue


Tess Selkirk wants it all: her acting career, her share in the vast family ranch in Wyoming—and the love of ranch manager Rolf Pedersen. But Rolf urges her to give up Hollywood, and her brothers won’t deal her in on ranch decision-making. Tess knows the stakes are high when she agrees to a poker game with Rolf, but will the winner of the game be the loser of hearts?

If you’ve read Captive of the Cattle Baron and Saving the Soldier, you’ve met Tess Selkirk before. Cowgirl Rescue is her story, and it’s a humdinger.

Despite her firecracker personality and her willingness to dare just about anything, the youngest of the Selkirk siblings has trouble telling her menfolk she needs their support. Instead, she drinks too much and acts up in Hollywood—and then tries to brazen out her folly. Can Tess return to the ranch and be happy there, when her whole family acts as if the ranch is a club for boys only? When Rolf Pedersen, the man who claims to love her, doesn’t stick up for her? Tess isn’t about to sit twiddling her thumbs in the ranch house while rustlers steal Selkirk cattle, no matter what her brother JD says. Tess knows the ranch better than anybody. This cowgirl won’t let the cowboys deal her out of the game.

The Selkirk Family Ranch: sweet contemporary romances about a modern Wyoming family struggling with the different needs and desires of its younger generation.

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