Temporary Superheroine

Temporary Superheroine

I’m webcomics artist, not a costumed superheroine, but I keep having these crazy dreams that I fly and shoot power bolts out of my fingers—and battle a menacing supervillain. Other weird stuff is happening, too. Something is up. That’s why I’m in New York on a really lame television superhero game show, so I can question people in the comic book business. They ought to know if supervillains are real or not, right? But what if they don’t have the answers? Why is it my duty to become a temporary superheroine and save the world all on my own? Make that two worlds. It’s complicated.

PG-rated nonstop comic book style adventure set in two universes, with plenty of super-powered battles and recognizable classic comic book scenarios—and some iffy romance thrown in.


Chloe Cole: Reluctant female superhero, strong female protagonist, possessor of super powers, snarky twenty-five-year-old with parent and boyfriend issues

Roland Kirby: Eager comics fanboy, dependable partner in other world adventures, ex-boyfriend who won’t go away, sweet geek who believes in comic book science

Eric Wood: Suspiciously charming comic book company CEO, possible secret villain, questionably honest potential lover and confidant

Jovial Jerry Fine: Beloved elderly icon of the comic book world, benign but skeptical participant in fast-paced adventures, knows more than he tells

Diabolical Dave McCay: Maverick comic book artist, man who wants the modern world to be what it was like in 1962, troublemaking genius

Bodacious Barb: Knows the secrets behind the comics, doesn’t give a damn

The Purple Menace: Supervillain, mad scientist, wants to take over the world—make that two worlds

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