The Ranch Master – Book 4 Selkirk Family Ranch

The ranch hand and the social worker.

He’s been a loner long enough. She’s reluctant to try love again. Keep it light, right? When trouble looms, threatening the ranch and each of them, their relationship develops unexpected depths.

Cal’s feelings have recently changed. He’s not content to drift anymore, and Tanisha is the woman he wants. Tanisha struggles with the idea of dating again. She has a daughter in college, she has her important work with wounded veterans, and she has her mother to look after. But Cal is so charming and attractive, and it all feels so right. Everything except turning the isolated area into a boom town, that is.

Cal enjoys courting Tanisha, not realizing how much he needs her. Then his complex web of loyalty to the Selkirk family is stretched taut because of the demands of patriarch Robert Selkirk. Bad enough that the boss wants Cal to interfere with Tess Selkirk’s plan to revive the nearby town in their desolate corner of Wyoming. When Cal learns another twist to the secret Selkirk family history, the ugly truth pushes him to seek out Tanisha for her warmth and wisdom in his hour of rage and despair.

The Ranch Master can be read as a stand-alone. Like all the books in this series, this is a sweet contemporary Western romance with a happy ending. Available at Amazon!

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