Fame, Apparently Not Fleeting

Here’s a funny thing. A while back, Google decided that I was being talked about on the Internet sufficiently to receive utterly nonsensical Google Alerts. Most of these alerts are of incoherent listings with my first name and something completely random. But every once in a while, they are links to message boards in which comic book fans aimlessly wonder whatever happened to various well-known letterhacks. My old friend Guy H. Lillian III gets mentioned a lot. I get mentioned a lot. But because when each of us worked for the big comic book companies, we mostly did it behind the scenes, these posters don’t know the ending to our stories. Guy worked for DC Comics for a while. I hope he does not mind me telling the world. I worked for Marvel Comics for years, and for DC Comics, and I wrote and sold a batch of uncredited romance stories for DC Comics even before going on staff at either big name comic book company. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve both had long and interesting careers–and we ain’t dead yet.

I get the feeling that I should have an online bio attached to my website.* So here’s a promise: Eventually, I will. In the meantime, all you fans out there should rest happy in the knowledge that most of us who cared enough to send repeated letters to the comics did in fact make connections with the business as adults.

(*Sorry, Websters, I think the one-word spelling and no cap makes more sense than the officially correct “Web site”).

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  1. So that’s what happened to you!

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