I Changed the Title of My First Western Romance

Sometimes I can be stubborn. Back in the day, I read quite a few romances that used the word “captive” in their titles, and none of those books contained anything more sexual than kissing. Time passes, and the commonly understood words of one era take on new meanings in another. In the last several years I’ve been getting indications that Captive of the Cattle Baron, the title of my very first sweet contemporary western romance, somehow was getting confused with a very un-sweet kind of novel. A kinky kind of novel. Sorry. I don’t write that kind of story. But people get the wrong idea upon seeing the title Captive of the Cattle Baron.

What to do? Start a campaign to educate the entire world on an inference based on one word? Or change the title of my book? It took me a long time to finally decide to do just change the title. It also took me a long time to dream up a new title that suggested only the facts of this romance: that my heroine resists the hero’s attempts to control her, and she also resists her strong attraction to him. Finally, that one word came to mind: resistance. Now the title of this book is officially Resisting the Cattle Baron.

Thanks to Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs, the cover of this sweet romance has been updated twice. The original cover artist, D. C. (Dawn) Charles, unfortunately passed away some years ago. She created the smashing first version of this cover. Then I asked Dar to refresh the cover a bit. And now, we have a new title. Voila!

A cowboy embracing an angry woman, a contemporary western romance by author Irene VartanoffWoman and man in close embrace but she looks angry

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