Not Exactly a Billionaire Cowboy

Book 8 in the Selkirk Family Ranch Series

Nurse practitioner Lori Schwartz came to Wyoming to forget all she lost in the past, but now she’s ready for a serious relationship with a man again.  Is bouncer Rhett Farrell the one?  He spends his nights tossing rowdy customers out of the honkytonk.  Lori likes watching him do it.  Is attraction enough?  Then a surprise visitor from her past derails Lori’s happy plan to take a chance on Rhett.  What does her former best friend want with her?

Unknown to Lori or anyone else in the small town, Rhett walked away from huge success in Silicon Valley.  When his local anonymity suddenly is imperiled by a massive gift from his estranged billionaire father—and an unwelcome visit—Rhett is furious.  He and Lori begin to forge a happy bond, but as others keep piling on pressure, anger and hurt threaten to tear them apart.

A sweet, discreet romance with clean language, Not Exactly a Billionaire Cowboy can be read as a stand-alone story. All books in the Selkirk Family Ranch Series are in Kindle Unlimited. Click here or on the cover to buy or read.

Happy young woman sits on the ground with a cowboy, with blue mountains behind them.

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