Temporary Superheroine Goes Hollywood!

Five years in the making! The story YOU demanded! The senses-shattering conclusion you’ve been waiting for!

At long last, the third and probably final Temporary Superheroine novel has released. You can buy the ebook right now on Amazon by clicking here. If you prefer to read a paperback, click here for the print version.*

Chloe is reluctant to answer the call when Diabolical Dave McCay insists her superpowers are needed in his universe. How can she keep up with her new Hollywood career and also be Temporary Superheroine in her father’s retro world? Why are clowns attacking an activist actress, anyway? Are these mere pranks, or something more serious? Why are there no other superheroes in Dave’s universe? Can she trust the FBI? What are the mysterious powers of the Roc’s Egg? And, by the way, how can Chloe fend off the advances of her Hollywood boss without getting fired?

Hollywood Superheroine today is a very different book from the first draft I wrote in 2015. Why did it take nearly five years to finish this novel? Because the first draft was a lighthearted, spoofy take on the then upcoming presidential election. Funny stuff, right? A good counter to the heavier topic of how my heroine would resolve her personal conflicts with her father and her boss in her new job. I set the first draft aside and worked on other projects. By the time I returned to Hollywood Superheroine, the 2016 presidential election had happened and no one was in the mood for a happy satire. So I shifted the focus of the story to Hollywood, which we’re always eager to poke at.

It’s hard work to change half a story and twine a new plot around the retained other half. I don’t recommend trying. It would have been easier to throw the entire first draft out and start fresh. Yet there were many elements I liked and wanted to keep. So, in between other novels, I kept fiddling with this one. Finally, it’s done and I am happy with the result. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Hollywood Superheroine is available at all major ebookstores in ebook and print.

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