Why Marie Severin is My Friend

From our days of working at Marvel Comics.


  1. Hi Ms. Vartanoff!

    Wow – so cool to find you on the Internet – one of my 1960s heroes!

    You in particular always wrote the smartest, sharpest letters back in the day. I really idolized all of you letterwriters – Guy H. Lillian, Mike Friedrich, Mark Evanier, Peter Sanderson, and you. (And a bit later in the ’60s, people like Martin Pasko and Gary Skinner…whatever happened to brilliant Gary Skinner?)

    Anyway, I recently saw one of your clever missives in a comic I was just rereading…was it JLA 52?…and thought to look you up. Hope all is well and you keep on writing!


  2. Thanks for the kind words. It was a magical time for us, wasn’t it?

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